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Meet the Hardee Family


Kai and Grace Hardee began serving at Lifepointe on the first Sunday of March 2023. Kai, a native of South Carolina, has served as pastor in Bismarck, North Dakota for almost 5 years. Prior to this he served on the mission board at the church of God in Tremont, South Carolina. Grace is from Seoul, South Korea. She came to the United States in 2015 to study the Bible and become involved in ministry. Pastor Kai and his wife Grace both studied at Holmes Bible College in Greenville, South Carolina. They have two sons, Asaph and Josiah. 

When asked what drew them to Mount Vernon, Grace said, "the strong youth worship and ministry." She said she believes the next revivial will come through today's work. Pastor Kai said, "The members were welcoming, open and willing to go out into the community to share the love of Jesus."

One of the first things Pastor Kai said he noticed was the church motto "No Perfect People Allowed." He stated, the main purpose of the church is to "love people in the Mount Vernon, Jefferson county area by welcoming anyone and everyone." When asked about the future of Lifepointe Church he said, "the church is the work as the body of Christ by supporting familiies through God's love and offering hope to all people." 

A couple that has recently been coming to LifePointe Church said, "we'll be coming back, it just feels like we are at home here."

"If you do not have a church family, please know that you are welcome here. We would be happy to have you join any of our services," shared the church.

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